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Story Time Chess gets kids playing and loving chess through storytelling, starting at the surprising age of 3.

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Now with our Video Library NEW!

Our fun, engaging, story-based chess curriculum is now on high-quality video, hosted by our very best Story Time Chess teachers.

Each lesson includes a story that introduces piece movement, chessercises - physical exercises to help reinforce the lesson physically as well as narratively, and on-board exercises so children are playing a real game of chess right from the start. The approximate run-time of each video lesson is 20-25 minutes.

At this time, Module One: Piece Mechanics (10 lessons) is available via the Video Library. Further Modules are in production and will be released soon.

Parents Love it

Story Time Chess at School brings parents into the learning process with cutting-edge lesson tracking and parent engagement features. When their kids come home with tales of kings and queens, parents will already be up-to-date on their progress and able to join in their child's chess journey.

Competitive advantage

Chess education has already become a standard enrichment activity in public and private primary / secondary schools. Story Time Chess’s ability to teach children as young as three how to play chess is a new development in early childhood education. Our partnerships have proven to give schools a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves with our unique program.

Increased enrollment & student retention

Schools that have the partnered with Story Time Chess have been able to both increase enrollment (more new students) as well as retain students through summer programs and following school years. Some schools have experienced over 100% increases in summer enrollment, accredited directly to the Story Time Chess program.

Students love it

Through the Story Time Chess program students learn how to play chess while developing a love and passion for the game. Don’t be surprised when your children rave about chess and the characters from our stories.

Seamless integration

We align our lessons and exercises with elements of your existing curriculum and activities that will be familiar to your students.

Strong marketing tool

Chess education in your school can be utilized as a strong marketing tool to increase the number of parent walkthroughs and to gain media spotlight. Schools partnered with Story Time Chess have been featured on news stations, including ABC and NBC.

Students reached this week

ABC News logo Seeing is believing! I watched a group of 3 and 4 year olds play chess."

CBS News logo "Checkmate! Chess is an old game with a new audience...3 and 4 year olds are learning how to win."

NPR logo "Tiny feet take big steps in chess."

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Educators endorse it

Parents praise it

What you get

Lessons available

  • Level 1: Piece + Game Mechanics: How the pieces move, what they like to do, and their relationship to each other.
  • Level 2: Strategy + Planning: How to play a full game and what sequences to use in the beginning, sportsmanship, how to be friends when we play, how to win and lose, and how to make a plan.
  • Level 3: Piece Valuation + Sportsmanship: Teaches students how to record their chess games using algebraic notation.
  • Level 4: Piece Mobility + Notation: This module emphasizes piece mobility and teaches students how to record a chess game using algebraic notation.
  • Level 5: Attacking and Defending: Lessons about offensive and defensive strategies accompany an exciting story series about grit, perseverance, and visualizing moves on the board.

Also included

  • Parent Engagement Portal: send updates to parents with summaries of what their child learned and exercises to do at home! Available for all lessons.
  • Welcome Pack: 5 Vinyl Chess Sets and Pieces + 3 Coloring Books with our Cast of Characters (US Schools Only)
  • Video Tutorials: Video tutorials on navigating and implementing the curriculum in your school.
  • Support: Contact us with any questions about the curriculum or how to implement in your school.